Autumn 10
Mixed baby greens, crisp apple, red onion, toasted walnut, shaved Gruyere, apple cider vinaigrette

Country Pate with Apricot Mustard 12
Chicken liver, onion, spices, cornichons, capers, assorted crackers

Fried Brie 11
Panko crust, deep fried, habanero/cranberry jam, crostini

The Chop  27
14 oz. French cut, bone-in pork chop, panko/parmesan crust, Gorgonzola cream

Tuna Bolognese 16/26
Fresh tuna, tomato, roasted scallion, hint of cinnamon, truffle mascarpone cheese, pasta

Short Ribs of Beef  24
Slow-roasted with Beanstalk coffee-scented mirepoix

Gambas al Ajillo  28
Jumbo shrimp, lots of garlic, evoo, dry sherry, red pepper flakes, lemon, parsley, white beans/wilted greens

Stuffed Chicken 25
Panko crust, Prosciutto, Gruyere, roasted shallot, mornay sauce

Note: Many items can be prepared gluten-free