Warm Molten Chocolate Cake
Warm bittersweet chocolate in rich truffle cake, served warm with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.
Spiced Pumpkin Bread Pudding
These rich, moist confections are served warm with crème Anglaise, apple caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream .
Pear, Ginger and Cranberry Crisp
Fresh pear, ginger and dried cranberries are crowned with a toasted pecan, oatmeal & brown sugar streusel.  Served warm with vanilla ice cream.
A delicate confection of Lady Fingers dipped in coffee and Kahlua, layered with mascarpone cheese and chocolate sauce.
Baby Cake Gingerbread
Fresh ginger and molasses team to make this cake rich and racy, served warm with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

Sue’s Special Dessert of the Week

Specialty Coffees

Mad Dog Mahoney – Bailey’s, Frangelico, Jameson

Principal’s Panacea – Godiva, Grand Marnier

Café Sambuca – Black Sambuca, Sambuca Romana

Nuts & Berries – Chambord, Frangelico

Godiva White Chocolate or Limoncello

Dessert Wine
Bonny Doon, Muscat Ice or Framboise